About Meredith Reyes

meredith reyes

Hey Guys! My name is Meredith Reyes!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor and I love helping others achieve their fitness goals! I have evolved so much as a trainer over the last few years and have had so many wonderful opportunities to work with lots of different clients!

meredith with babyI am a military spouse who’s hobby of once helping others in the gym with exercise routines here and there turned into a full-blown career. As a new mom I am proud to have my baby in on all of my workout action. I am here to prove to him that he can do anything that he puts his mind to, he just has to believe.

My passion has always been fitness and helping others. I love every second of it. I live for the anticipation of a good workout and demolishing it while proving to others that they can and will do the same.

meredith reyes group picFitness doesn’t have to be complicated. To be successful, always go into a workout with a plan, grab a friend to tackle your challenge with you and most importantly, have fun! Fitness is about building relationships and supporting each other. I’m here to make you your own advocate and to help you grow mentally and physically with the support of my community. I want to show you that you can and you will do it! Set a goal, put in the work and kill it. I promise you with me on your team I won’t fail you!