Hey There!

Handstand pushups… you got this!  The kip can be a bit tricky but follow these progressions to get you ready to kip in the future:

Get comfortable with the wall and going upside down.  You can practice by putting an AbMat or two underneath your head as support in
case you need them.  Kick up but making sure that you are not too close to the wall.  Oftentimes this is a common mistake that people make.
They think that by being close to the wall it will be easier and they will have more support.  This is technically a comfortability thing but back up
a bit from that wall.

Okay, so kick up nice and easy and, for now, practice JUST holding.  Keeping that spine neutral and a tight core.  Keep the arms straight and imagine
that your arms are pillars.  Hold for about 20sec. and kick back down.  That’s it!

Do 3-4sets x 20sec. to start.

More progressions and advice to come on these!

Talk Soon!

– Meredith