Chicken Salad w/ Paleo Mayo

INGREDIENTS: For Chicken Salad 1 Rotisserie Chicken (shredded)  Celery (I use a bunch) Paleo Mayo ( Avocados (however many you desire) 1 Lemon Lettuce Wraps This will take you no time.  Shred your rotisserie chicken up and put it into a mixing...

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Kipping Handstand Push-up Progression

Hey There! Handstand pushups… you got this!  The kip can be a bit tricky but follow these progressions to get you ready to kip in the future: Get comfortable with the wall and going upside down.  You can practice by putting an AbMat or two underneath your head as...

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Easy Beef with Broccoli

Okay, so you know the deal with my family… We are always on the go.  Seriously, we are never home and when we are we are generally about to go to sleep or I am whipping up a quick and easy meal for the next day. So, my kiddos and husband love stir fry and Asian...

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