3-Step Oven Baked Platanitos

Hey There! This holiday season we were doing a lot of baking.  One of the things that my Mother-in-law loves to make for the family is fried platanitos (fried plantains) and holy smokes they are absolutely delicious!  But as we were cooking the other night we thought...

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Toddler-Approved Squash Meal!

Okay, guys, this one is an easy slam-dunk and you’ll have leftovers!  Yes, I did just create a spaghetti meal and take out some of the less-healthy components BUT boy this was too easy and the kids loved it!  Take a look:   INGREDIENTS: 1 Spaghetti Squash  2 TBSP....

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Three Easy Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

Hey There!  Okay, so we’ve stayed focused with our clean-eating through the week, right?  We’ve done all of the work, meal-prepped and eaten out as little as possible.  Then Friday night rolls around… and it comes the weekend.   The first thing you are going to do is...

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